SN-271 / 281 Litter Bin and Outdoor Litter Bin

SN-271 and 281 supplement a range of Litter Separation Systems SN-272, 273, 274 and 284. SN-271 and SN-281 are robust Litter Bins made of stainless steel for indoor and outdoor use SN-271 and a variation with a rain cover for areas exposed to weather SN-281. Both litter bins are equipped with a lift out liner made of galvanised steel which can be taken out to empty after unlocking a door with a square key. The lift out liner has a capcity of 60 litres. Both litter bins could be bolted to the floor.

In the event of a fire the funnel shaped top openings prevent from flame ejection to some extent and reduce the oxygen transfer. These litter bins SN-271 and SN-281 have passed fire tests and are certified for fire safety.

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