SN-250 floor bolted Ashtray with funnel top made of stainless steel for outdoors
SN-255 floor bolted Ashtray with funnel top and rain cover made of stainless steel for outdoors

SN-250 Smoker Station

The Smoker Station completely made of stainless steel by sixnine-design has been created for public spaces. The concept works for indoor as well as outdoor areas. With a height of 1800mm, a width of 430mm and the sign holder for A2 Prints this stainless steel smoker stand is easily visible as a smoking point. The Smoker Stand SN-250 comes standard for floor bolting and on special request can be designed for floor foundation. So several options are available to ensure proper installation regardless of the surface to be fixed. To empty the 8 litre stainless steel ashtray box it needs to be unlocked by a square key. After that the body can be turned over the middle axis by 180 degree and the cigarette waste will fall out easily due to the design of the ashtray. If the ashtray box should be cleaned properly it can be taken out by one further turn.

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