SN-253 / 254 / 255 Outdoor Bins

This new bin series was created based on the design of the SN-250 which is widely used in railway stations and airports. Ashtrays and Litter Bins made of stainless steel for wall mounting, for floor foundation or for floor bolting as well as for subsurface bolting. SN-253 is a an ashtray only, SN-254 is a combination of Ashtray and Litter Bin, and SN-255 is a Litter Bin only. All models are provided with a roof. The ash box can be rotated on an axle after unlocking with a square section key. The removal is not necessary but possible. After that the Litter Bin itself can be emptied or removed if desired. As soon as the ash box is locked again after cleaning and emptying, no removal of any component is possible anymore. As with all sixnine-design products, the SN-253, SN-254 and SN-255 can also be personalized by acid print to customer specifications.

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