SN-300 cylindrical office Litter Bin made of stainless steel
Litter Bin made of stainless steel SN-300 used in a bath room

SN-300 Waste Paper Bin

This Litter Bin made of stainless steel is available in three sizes. With a diameter of 200mm and a height of 255mm the 'small one' qualifies for areas with low waste e.g. hotel rooms. The next litter bin size measuring 255x310mm is the perfect stainless steel litter bin for offices and like the 'small one' is deep drawn in one piece, coated black inside and is of course leak proof. The stainless steel Bin measuring 255x600mm is more suitable for higher waste capacities e.g. at counters. This size of litter bin is also seamless and watertight so any liquid inside cannot spoil the floor. A Bag Holder, Litter Insert, Base Weight, Wall Mount or Bag Clip are additionally available as optional extras.

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