SN-303 Litter Separation Unit made of stainless steel
SN-312 Litter Separation Unit made of stainless steel

SN-303 / 304 / 313 / 314 Litter Separation Systems

The 3-way litter separation systems SN-303 and SN-313 as well as the the 4-way systems SN-304 and SN-314 are made completely of stainless steel and are recognised for durability and high performance, therefore they qualify for use in public spaces. The units comprise of 3 or 4 round stainless steel litter bins with a diameter of 255 mm and a height of 600 mm and for SN-303 and SN-304 that are fitted with 2 special stainless steel connectors to secure in place for and 'island' style layout or SN-313 and SN-314 with a 'row' connector. The bag holder collars made of stainless steel locate and hide the bags and can be individually worded by acid print or by vinyl die cut lettering that could be coloured. If required the individual bins can be of different heights and bag holder collar can also be colour coded. It would also be possible to just connect 2 bins for a dual System called SN-312 as shown here.

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