SN-240 cylindrical Large Capacity Bin with funnel top made of stainless steel
Large Litter Bin made of stainless steel with funnel top SN-240 used in a shopping centre

SN-240 / 241 Large Capacity Litter Bin

SN-240 is a square Litter Bin with stainless steel funnel top in a reasonable size, with a usable volume of more than 70 liters. It is also suitable for indoor areas with fire safety requirements. Alternatively SN-241 witha flat top as an economical version. Both waste containers are equipped with the easy-to-use waste bag holder so that the waste bags always stay invisible inside the bin. Whether in cinemas, exhibition halls, cruise ships or in shopping malls, always the right product for the corresponding purpose. The litter bins are made of stainless steel and the base is leak-proof sealed to protect high-quality floors. SN-240 or 241 can be customised as Litter Separtation Units by interconnecting indivudual bodies with any number of bins. In addition the tops can be colored coated and then provided with lettering or only with acid printed wording. Of course, the personalization of the body with acid print according to customer requirements is possible.

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